Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tor Podcasting

Our Ultraman obsessed web guy has posted the first of Tor's Nippon World Con podcasts. I've just started listening but it seems to be Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Tom Doherty giving a quick overview of World Cons in general and what's coming up at this year’s convention. I believe there will be a new podcast each day at noon (NY time), including an interview with George Takei.

As someone who spent the week getting, “off to Japan -- wsh you were going” emails all week, I’m looking forward to getting a small taste of the goings-on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sucks being stuck back in the Real World when everybody else is in Japan. I'm cat-sitting for two friends who, even as I am scooping out the litter, are surely visiting Japanese gardens or sampling the local nightlife.

A well. At least the weather's good.

Irene Gallo said...

Hi Karl!

I vow to have twice as much fun at World Fantasy.

Are you going to that? Since most artists are pretty fluid between sf and fantasy I tend to consider the two world cons different in tone but not so much in content. But I gather that's not the case with the authors.

Anyway - if I don't see you there, perhaps Boskone when it's freezing in New England.

Chuck said...

Furthering my addiction to Podcasts, then..
Darn you Irene Gallo, keeping me planted
in the studio !!

Can't lose with Cory Doctorow, Brilliant !!

Irene Gallo said...

Hey Chuck,

Cory _was_ was George Takei.

I;m new to podcasts...which is odd since I love radio. Now I'm going back to listen to missed episodes of This American Life and Studio 360. This may not have been a good window for me to open.

Chuck said...

Run away, while you still can.. Hahaha..
One of my favorites is The Red Panda..
Sowerby and Luff Show is a funny British
weekly cast, as well..

Ya know, Podiobooks and Podcasting is building the names of new authors; Siglar, Hucthins, etc. but I'd like to see it promote new illustrators as well..??
Perhaps a new fiction cast, with some quick sketches in the vid frame for each episode ?? Or perhaps one illustrator gaining exposure through one podcast ??

Well, It has the potential of blending
visuals into the form anyway ??

Thanks so much for the reply, :)

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