Monday, August 27, 2007

The Little Red Lighthouse

For as many times as I've ridden my bike to the Little Red Lighthouse (and the great gray bridge) I never knew you could climb up it until yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I remember this book from my childhood /so fondly/ it was my very favorite book - it was something I learned to read with, as a toddler. (I was one of those freakishly gifted kids, who could read and write upon entering Kindergarten and so was solitary for most of the day, playing in the faux kitchen while the rest of the kids learned to read. What an experience for a five year old, eh? But times were different in 1978) I wasn't always as avid a reader as I am now, but this book remains almost sacred to me, and I will never forget the reverence I had for it when I was able to read it to my own children, and watch them fall in love with the story and in turn fall in love with it myself all over again.

Thanks for reminding me about it today :) You've made someone quite happy this morning!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wow, what great pictures, the book cover and the actual thing.

David Apatoff said...

I'm with Lizzie-- I'd forgotten all about this book but I loved it dearly as a child. I didn't realize that Lynd Ward did the illustrations. Another great illustrator.

Paula said...

I had only recently discovered the little red lighthouse and posted a photo on my blog. I heard that there was a book, so I am so glad to actually find a picture of the cover on this blog. I also enjoyed your other posts as well.

Anonymous said...

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