Friday, August 17, 2007

Jon Foster and Dragonback

Jon Foster recently sent in this painting for Dragon and Liberator, the final book in Timothy Zahn's Dragonback series.

Usually I am somewhat grateful when a series is ending. Series eat up so much of our list and the requirements of them can sometimes be confining. By the time you get through six, eight, twelve books it's nice to move on and have an opportunity to begin something fresh with that artist or have the space to bring in another artist.

But I'm sad to see the Dragonback series come to a close. I love working with Jon and I was always particularly excited to see what he would come up with for these books. A boy and his pet tattoo dragon - you really can't beat that.

I like all of them but I think Dragon and Herdsman is my favorite. We had an alternate sketch for Dragon and Liberator that was very strong but ultimately we liked how this image made a nice bookend with the first cover.

(Here is a more indepth post about series)


MBKKR said...

Wow, that's really nice work

Julien alday said...

Jon's series of covers here is one of the most impressive I saw so far. Dragon and Herdsman is also my favorite... But it's hard to choose one. Let say this one got a particular sensibility.I like it a lot.

Daniel Hardesty said...

Love Jon's work and he's a great guy. I'll be sad for the same reason, no more Foster dragon covers! The way he's gotten across the relationship of the hosts and their dragons/tattoos is really impressive. Thanks for posting the latest, nice cap to the whole set!

Harley-Rebel said...

Lovely work for both you and Jon. I too always loved working with Jon - he always brought an exciting and fresh visual vocabulary along with his bag of tricks...not to mention his "roughs" were priceless little gems all to themselves. I'm sure you'll find an excuse to work with him again (grin).

John_Bivens said...

Two reasons for leaving this comment:
1) to say I loved Foster's work on this series
2) at the Panel & Pixel forum (it grew out of Warren Ellis's Engine)a thread was started talking about how a lot of book publishers are trying to tap into the growing Graphic Novel Market, and I wondered if TOR had plans to do the same.

Irene Gallo said...

Hi John,

Tor has only published two graphic novels, Charles Vess' Ballads and Tim Eldred's Grease Monkey. We don't really have a program of graphic novels but on the occasion that they make sense within our list, we do them.

Our parent company, Holtzbrinck Publishers, started First Second which is strictly graphic novels. They have done some really great books - most notably the sublime American Born Chinese. They also publish one of my faves, Joann Sfar. I think most of Holtzbrinck's sequential efforts will be done through them.

John Bivens said...

thanks for the quick response, your forum has been a pretty big source of inspiration up through my recent graduation.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I have looked at these books longingly for quite awhile because of the Foster covers, and I've really enjoyed other Zahn books in the past. Can't believe I haven't picked these up yet. Now that the series is ending I am more motivated to snatch them up and start reading.