Friday, August 03, 2007


Shelley Eshkar, occasional Tor cover designer, is part of an artistic triumvirate called The Open Ended Group. They specialize in interactive digital art installations. While Shell is working on a project based parkour, his partners Paul Kaiser and Mark Downie created Breath -- a series of interwoven banners and light boxes with continuously re-composing music for the annual Mostly Mozart Festival.

The work is just lovely. While extremely analytical, both musically and textually, it doesn't sacrifice it’s emotive impact. The festival is focusing on choral music and Breath compliments that by creating an ethereal and contemplative space.

From the brochure:

“Commissioned by the Mostly Mozart Festival, Breath examines the words, imagery, and musical scores of sacred music reflected in this year’s Festival. Breath illuminates Avery Fisher Hall with eight light boxes along the Hall’s colonnade and eight large, corresponding banners suspended above on its columns, together with a computerized music composition and dynamic lighting. After sundown, the Hall appears as if it were breathing with music, light, and thought.”

Breath is on display until midnight, through August 25.

Avery Fisher Hall
Paul Kaiser speaking at the opening.
Shelley Eshkar, making sure no art is appreciated on an empty stomach.
Viewing one of the lightboxes.
Detail of the “Starling” lightbox


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