Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joy Ang, Tomer Hanuka, and Sam Weber

I often wish there was more room on our list to bring in more artists that I’ve never worked with before. One problem is the amount of series titles we do. Another issue can be timing – if I'm pressed for time I feel more comfortable working with someone I already have an established relationship with. And then there is simply the fact that the group I am working with is really good and appropriate for much of our list. Still, it is fun to bring in new voices so I was happy that this week saw a convergence of three projects that called for new-to-me artists.

Joy Ang (whose work was amazing even when still in school) will be working on a young adult novel for us.

Tomer Hanuka (who I’ve admired about for years and am very excited to finally get a chance to work with) has taken on an anthology of mystery/superhero stories.

And Sam Weber (who I just discovered from Cathie Bleck’s blog and instantly fell in love with) is starting a contemporary fantasy series with Chinese themes.

I'm looking forward to the next bunch of weeks and seeing what these guys come up with.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Now that the huge puddle of drool has subsided and I can finally type I am at a loss for words for how wonderful all this art is. Please post the covers of the books when they are coming out...I suspect that I'll want them regardless of what they are about simply because of the amazing covers!!!


Ditto. Congrats on the illustration dream-team, they really don't come much finer than these three.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Would LOVE A SNEEK PEAK at Tomer's cover for the DARKER MASK anthology. I have a story in the volume and cannot wait to see what he does for the cover.


Spencer G said...
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Anonymous said...

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