Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greg Manchess says: Go to the Barron Storey exhibit. Reception tomorrow night.

Barron Storey
Life After Black: The Visual Journals of Barron Storey

Society of Illustrators
June 10 - July 32
Opening Reception Friday June 12

Greg Manchess, guest blogging, sez go!

"I gave up keeping a sketchbook years ago thinking no one would ever see it, or even wanted to. Two days ago I walked into the Society of Illustrators and was astonished at the new show going up. 100 sketchbooks by Barron Storey will open Friday night.

Barron has been filling sketchbooks with his incredible thought processes for decades. Every page a celebration of line, tone, color, and design.

And you can flip through them. It's so inspirational, you'll go home wanting to fill every one of those nice bound sketchbooks you've got laying around gathering dust.


Zelda Devon said...

Oh, this looks so wonderful! Can't wait to see them. Exhibits like these make NY worthwhile.

Unknown said...

Barron Storey certainly has a way with inspiring the minds of young artists. He came to my school when I was a sophomore with a box of his sketchbooks. It was really a treat to flip through the pages. Each page or spread is a work of art within a larger, more complete work of art. Definitely one of the more memorable moments of art school. If I get a chance, I definitely want to stop by and see the exhibit.

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