Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illustration Master Class Day 5


OK, I'll admit it, Friday was a complete blur. Luckily I have notes...sorta.

Jon Foster came by for the afternoon lecture. Jon works without as much planning as many of the faculty members do. He talked about hating the process of painting because he kept thinking the painting had to come out "right." He credits Rick Berry with having helped him enjoy the pure process of laying paint down. Playing with pigment. You can always wipe the board down and start over. He talked about learning his chops by working very hard on lower-end black and white work, earning his way up. Jon also talked a lot about doing paintings for yourself -- even small experiments -- to keep your excitement up and new ideas coming.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell did the evening lecture. It's clear some students have been timid to place pigment on their canvases. Boris and Julie used a collaborative painting they recently completely as an example and talked through the entire process, piece by piece. Boris freely admitted that, "even after 50 years I'm still scared of a white board -- So get used to it, it doesn't go away." A great and detailed look into building a picture, and a inside into collaborative working.

Beyond that, Thursday's "oh my god we're half way done" giddiness gave way to Friday's "oh shit I better get moving" focus. It was (at least for me) a day were there was little extra energy outside of the task at hand.

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Ray Lederer said...

Thanks for your coverage Irene. It looks like the caliber of work produced multiplied. Fantastic stuff!