Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Terrible Yellow Eyes and Happy 81st birthday Maurice Sendak!

A quick follow-up: I have to admit...I alluded to it in my first post...When Cory Goodbey announced his Wild Things tribute site, Terrible Yellow Eyes, I thought he had great intentions that would be really, really, no really, hard to live up to. Maybe it was because he picked the author, and the particular book, that I most identify with my own childhood. But the site has taken off phenomenally well. They are not just "re-draws" of the book. They are true, lovingly conceived and executed continuations of the conversation.

Today, as Cory points out, is Maurice Sendak's 81st birthday. His books changed the landscape of children's literature books and inspired generations. So, today I will:
  • be like an alligator and never nap
  • tell them once, and twice, chicken soup with rice
  • proclaim that milk is in the batter and nothing is the matter
  • and let the wild rumpus begin!
Seen here: Andy Ristaino, Mike Lee. Cory Goodbey. Kevin Ang, Pascal Campion.


tlchang said...

That sounds like the makings of a very nice day indeed. :-)

Happy Birthday Maurice!

bill said...

It's a great project to be a part of. He really is a godfather of contemporary children's book illustration.

Frame Theory said...

Wow great post. I'm putting that video up on my blog.

Chuck said...

Ahhhh, Maestro Sendak !!
Thank you so much, that
vid was just brilliant !!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

Great mention. AM IN LOVE!