Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Illustration Master Class Day 2


48 hours, and 30 hours of active instruction time, into the program....

It feels like the students are about a day ahead of where we were last year. By midday most people had finished their drawings and started to prep their paintings surfaces. By late afternoon the smell of turpentine started to slowly rise.

Dan Dos Santos' afternoon lecture focused on utilizing reference photos. He had taken a shot of one of the students and then "frankensteined" various shots together, taking details out of context to create bits of costuming from them, playing around with background elements. Afterwards, he redrew it, making all the pieces coalesce into a unified picture and then jumped into painting it for the rest of the night.

The night lecture was Greg Manchess showing his influences throughout the years, namely focusing on Frank Brangwyn, Sert, Duveneck, Schaeffer, Sargent and other chunky painters, and talking about how they all still play a vital part in how he paints. He also stressed the degree to which getting good is about hard work and constant study, not a passive talent. It was a funny and honest talk and it got everytone jazzed to get back to work for another 5 hours.

Studio time is a mix of some of the instructors demoing and others going from easle to easle giving hands on advice......Then I decided to jump into Allen Williams' armour.


Shelly Wan said...

Irene, you make a very very handsome Knight! ^___^ Love the hair too~

Julien alday said...

I really hope there will be an illustration made from that picture of you in a armor. You're the perfect "Jeanne d'Arc" [Joan of Arc] !!! ^^

Eric Braddock said...

Very awesome post, as I've mentioned before, I'm looking forward to seeing more as the week marches on. When I was still in school, I remember something my instructors told me early on in the program and it's kind of stuck with me and it relates a lot to what Greg said, they told me..

"Being a good artist and becoming successful isn't about being talented, it's about working hard and wanting it bad enough. Talent can only get you so far, it's not something to rely on. It's the drive and passion for making art that challenging yourself that makes an artist good."

Anyway, glad to see you are all having an incredible time up there, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ;)

Dorian said...

hah you just beat iron-dan with that armor :D
thanks so much for sharing the pics and what's going on!!

SiDEBAR said...

Is it just me or does this look awesome..?! The creativity in the air must be palpable.

Good times!

Unknown said...

first, who's pencil Dejah Thoris is that in phot #1 and second, who's the painter in photo #4? These are all too wonderful!

AmberW said...

Oh Irene, thanks for the great pics! I wish I could've returned this year, but it wasn't in the [financial] cards. I'm hoping if there's a year 3 I'll be there!

Keep on with the great documentation!

MuYoung Kim said...

Hi Irene,

Many, many, many thanks for covering the master's class. It's always a bummer not be able to go, but having this kind of coverage is the next best thing!

Oh, and if you don't mind, can I use you in the armor as a reference piece? I can't help but want to paint it as it just screams Joan of Arc to me!

janeyolen said...

A pinup Joan of Arc--fantastic!