Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spectrum 15 Award Winners

Spectrum Award Winners Anounced.

Yay Everyone! (Especially Sam!)


Gold Award:
JOHNNY YANOK - Resurrection of the Blood-Zombies From Beyond. Client: Headless Spectre Records, art director: Doktor Viktor Von Kreep

Silver Award:
BROM -- Hellbent. Client: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., art director: Brom


Gold Award:
SAM WEBER -- [Top image] Thirteen Orphans by Jane Linskold. Cient: Tor Books, art director: Irene Gallo

Silver Award:
STEPHAN MARTINIERE -- City Without End by Kay Kenyon. Client: Pyr Books, art director: Lou Anders.


Gold Award:
JAMES JEAN -- [Third Image] Fables #66: The Good Prince. Client: Vertigo/DC Comics, art director: Shelly Bond

Silver Award:
ADAM HUGHES -- Carwoman #75. Client: DC Comics, art director: Mark Chiarello.


Gold Award:
DANIEL DOCIU -- [second image] Defeated Dragon client: ArenaNet/Guildwars, art director: Daniel Dociu.

Silver Award:
DANIEL DOCIU -- Carnival Season. Client: ArenaNet/Guildwars, art director: Daniel Dociu


Gold Award:
A. BRENT ARMSTRONG -- The Mummy Revisited

Silver Award:
AKIHITO IKEDA -- Heart of Art


Gold Award:
PHIL HALE -- Interpreter. Client Playboy Magazine, art director: Tom Staebler.

Silver Award:
KURT HUGGINS & ZELDA DEVON -- Singer. Client: Polluto Magazine, art director: Adam Lowe.


Gold Award:
ROBH RUPPEL -- Hot, Dry, & Deadly. Client: Broadview Graphics, art director Robh Ruppel.

Silver Award:
LARRY MACDOUGALL -- Rainy River. Client: Underhill Studio, art director P.A. Lewis


Gold Award:
OMAR RAYYAN -- The Apple

Silver Award:
BROM -- Black Coast. Art director Arnie Fenner


-- cover to Fables #67: The Good Prince. Client: Vertigo/DC Comics, art director: Shelly Bond)

(presented by the Spectrum Advisory Board)


The Spectrum Grand Master Award is presented to a living artist for career excellence.


Anonymous said...

Holy Hell!!! Zelda and I got a silver!!!!!!

ces said...

Congratulations everyone!

It was nice to see a bunch of names I didn't recognize.

colin said...

It would be really nice if the Spectrum site had thumbnails of all the winners, just to get an idea what this great stuff looks like (for interested outsiders like myself). A rights issue, maybe? Or am I just missing something obvious?

Anonymous said...

just noticed two of the images posted here have a tiger, a dragon/serpent and a person.

marcelo said...

Hi Irene !!!!
Great blog,is nice to see this incredibles artist,they are an innfluence to my work...
Sorry for my English,I´m from Argentina....


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