Wednesday, April 09, 2008

50 Years of the Society of Illos Annual

I had lunch with my friend Mark Korsak yesterday. He's been a hard at work putting together a book that covers 50 years of the Society of Illustrators annual. He showed me all of the images selected to be included. This was one tough job. Thousands of images, already chosen to be the best of their year, had to be whittled down to 500. There is no way for the book to be anything less than great.

I was happy to see sf/f well represented. While I crossed my fingers and hoped to see one, maybe two Tor covers, in the end I think I saw five or six of them. (Not that I was counting.)


ces said...

What were the 5 or 6 Tor covers you saw?


Irene Gallo said...

I should say, until all of the "Congrats! You've been chosen!" letters go out. I think they are still fine tuning the curating.

Tracy Flynn Art said...

That is definitely a book to look forward to.

ces said...


Korsaktion said...

It's true. Over 25,000 images had to be sifted through to get to the final 500.

I think everyone will be pleased. It's a really exciting book. Every image is top notch and painsteakinglly considered. And it's full of surprises too.