Monday, April 07, 2008

TorDot Meltzoff and Manchess Free wallpapers, and ebooks too!

I should say that I love all my wallpaper’s equally, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being particularly thrilled about offering a Stanley Meltzoff wallpaper this week. Although, I don’t think there is an artist in this program that would blame me. Whether he was illustrating for National Geographic, Life Magazine, or science fiction paperbacks, Meltzoff was truly a master painter. And if you don't think you are into nature paintings, take a look at his underwater seascapes — they are wondrous as anything science fiction has to offer.

I am just as happy to be able to offer Greg ManchessSomething Wicked painting. Like Meltzoff, Greg is an artist whose paintings are as much about the application of paint and mood as they are are about subject matter and composition. I got to live with this painting across from my desk for over a year and I never tired of getting lost in these rhythm of both the figures and the brush strokes. (Too bad for me, the painting was needed for an exhibition and is now back with the artist. I need to see about re-stealing it.)


Carl V. Anderson said...

Those are both fantastic! I love that Tor is doing this. It is so much fun.

Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

I had the edition of "Green Hills" that the Meltzoff illustration appeared on for years and years.

Silly me, I loaned it out once. Never got it back. Grrrrr!!!

So I am very happy to see it here!