Friday, April 04, 2008


Tor's lunchtime Frak party.



Anonymous said...

Just another bit of proof towards the awesomeness of TOR.

I finally got into BSG, and am catching up quickly. My lovely Video Guys just rented me the entire season 3 at a discount so I can have a marathon while I sketch. Squee!

Irene Gallo said...

You are in for an awesome ride.

I watched season 3 in such a rush, I'm going back to rewatch and a more level headed pace.

Anonymous said...

yes! bsg!!!
i really need to catch up on this series.
got season one on dvd and got hooked, but don't have sci-fi network so i NEED to rent/buy seasons 2 and 3 soon.
great show.

Irene Gallo said...

Mike — I actually I prefer to watch the seasons in a week long marathon. The only problem is that it means walking around Tor all season with my fingers in my ears, singing “LALALA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!”