Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last Man Standing 3, Round 2

The second round of the third Last Man Standing competition is up and, as one CA member (hi, Nathan) put it, it should be renamed Last Man Stunning. It's a super solid round of entries. I pulled out a few favorites here, but really, it's worth going to to check them all out. (Jason Chan's made me burst out laughing and then feel horrible for having done so.)

For those that don't know what the Last Man Standing is all about I will (because I am lazy, unimaginative, and up past my bedtime) point you to my earlier post here.

TOP GROUP, by the artists' CA names:
Flaptraps, Hurricane, Steve Kim, Howard Lyon

LEFT: Sept13


Anonymous said...

Waking up to a morning with sff art.
Thank you!

mordicai said...

Is that...a Batman robot?

Maybe I just see Batman robots everywhere. I could live with that.