Monday, April 21, 2008

Cool ComicCon Item I Missed

Liz Gorinsky (awesome Tor editor) scored a copy of Spectra Pulse Mgazine. A new magazine from Bantam that features new stories and art, interviews, articles, and the various things you would expect in a magazine. And, it features a super cool Nic Klein cover.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised. They were really trying to push copies of it on me as I walked by their booth a couple of times despite telling them and showing them that I indeed had a copy. Now, I realize they were trying to give me your copy! I have to say though, the Bantam eds were real generous with copies of their books.

Julien alday said...

Wow ! Nic Klein strikes again ! This one is really impressive !
Sounds like the convention was a blast... thanks for sharing pictures with us, Irene ! ^^

John Bivens said...

Is this something that should be in stores now? That cover is amazing.

ces said...

OK, I went to and there was a "spectra pulse" listed. There was a thumbnail of a cover - it wasn't this cover but it looked similar in format etc - so I signed up to receive it in my email.

We'll seer what I end up getting.

ces said...

I just discovered that I have 2 copies of this magazine - both were in "goody bags" I got at Norwescon last month.

Cleaning house does have its benefits!

Anonymous said...

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