Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At LunaCon

You know, there really is more to the job than hanging out with artists but it just so happens that there has been a lot of hang time lately.

Lunacon was loads of fun. Dave Seeley did a great job as Guest of Honor. He was on panels day and night - slide shows of his work, progressions of paintings, industry info, prop making, you name it. He also had a massive exhibit in the show -- very impressive. Dave was instrumental in setting up the "studio" that hosted a number of planned and unplanned demos which seemed popular.

All the art programming I saw was well attended. I must say, Lunacon treats the artists right. I think last year's World Con had three or four programs items for artists over the entire four days - Lunacon had multiple tracks of art programming all day long, all weekend long.

Two of my favorite paintings in the exhibit sold -- the portrait that Donato had started at Art Out Loud and Dan Dos Santos' Spirits that Walk in Shadow. (Someone remind me to get a raise so I can buy more art.)

I got to meet a bunch of the conceptart.org crowd. Shout-outs to Shay, Brendan, and Ben. (Sorry if I've missed anyone.) I realize I've met some of you at Art Out Loud but my mind tends to be mush by the time we get to those demos. It was great spending real time talking.

Some random shots. (I'll leave out the wheelbarrow racing to protect the ridiculous.)

LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Dave Seeley and Dan Dos Santos, Donato, Bob Eggleton, Dan Dos, Shay Casey, Brendan Keough, Arkady Roytman, Dave Palumbo, Rebecca Guay.

Next up, some actual book covers, I promise.


Ben Foster said...

and here I was, hoping to see the wheelbarrow racing. I mean, my abs still hurt from Dan trying to ride chariot style, so I hoped there was a decent picture of it. (though I think I collapsed before you could get the shot off).

Great to see you again, and to have some nice down time talking. I had a blast talking to you, Greg and Bruce in the bar.

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

It was a fun show. MUCH better now we are back in the "Escher" Hilton(they call it this for the odd ways you have to go up and down seemingly hidden connectors and stairways that make you magically appear way across the hotel in an almost transdimensional way!) My only quibble was the scheduling of art panels as the con was closing down and people leaving. Other than that,Leigh did a great job. Let's hope his replacement next year follows the same path, as this was Leigh's last year.

Irene Gallo said...

Bob - Awesome demo! It _was_ nice to be back in Rye. But you're right about building - to get to my room I had to take an elevator to the 4th floor, walk down the hall and suddenly I was on the 7th floor, and then take an elevator down to the 5th. Crazy.

Ben - Great to see you guys there. We’ll need to get the CT crew down to the Society one evening for a reunion. I don’t seem to be able to attach images here in the comments so, here's a link to the moment of your downfall.

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