Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweeny Todd Credits

[Via Cartoon Brew]

The opening credits for Sweeny Todd are animated and viewable on BroadwayWorld.

Kinda cool...and I’ll admit that Alan Rickman is usually worth a $10.00 ticket all on his own. Still, on Fresh Air today, producer Richard Zannuck admitted that Johnny was hired without anyone hearing him sing -- under the impression that he wouldn't want to make a fool of himself so he must be able to handle it. Oy.


Eugene said...

So far so good!

Carl V. said...

Alan Rickman is great, isn't he? But I do wish movies weren't such an expensive gamble. It is a sad reality that for two people to go to the movies it is more expensive than to buy the DVD when the film is released in that format.

Jack Ruttan said...

Sweeney Todd the stage version is the best modern music theatre piece ever. They needed the stars and the name director to get the film made. I'm wincing a little, but but since they brought in the original people to do the score, I might check it out.