Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Artists Against the War: Streaming Tonight

I'm kicking myself for not being able to attend tonight's Artists Against the War lecture at the Society of Illustrators. Luckily, with their new streaming video, anyone can catch it live or come back and watch it in the archives. All the links are small and cleverly inconspicuous so you'll need to poke around the website carefully in order to find it.

The Media: The First Casualty in Iraq
Steve Brodner, Christian Parenti, Steve Heller, David Wallis.
Wed, Jan 23, 7 PM EST
$10/$6 for students
Free broadcast

(Speaking of streaming video. Not to brag but, on the first set of three lectures broadcast, the science fiction lecture has been downloaded three times as often as the mainstream ones. I’m just sayin'.)


chuck said...

Awesome show, especially glad to see a Rockwell in the mix. You've actually inspired me to blog one of my own political cartoons. :)

Gracious Thanks,

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