Monday, January 14, 2008

Facelifts vol.6

Richard Matheson's time-travel romance story, Somewhere in Time.

Another evocative Brad Holland painting, Jamie Stafford-Hill on the design. (I'm still waiting to see if we get away with not making Matheson's name fifty feet high, since the popularity of the movie version of I am Legend, we may not.)

Earlier Matheson cover done by Brad Holland for Tor.


bill said...

Absolutely stunning cover! He should think about doing this professionally.

Eugene said...

That's gorgeous! I guess there's no chance of re-renaming this to Bid Time Return?

Carl V. said...

I hope it stays just this way, it is beautiful. I've never read this Matheson story but will definitely be buying this and reading it when it comes out.

Lana Gramlich said...

Cool cover! I love the complimentary colors & the surreal effect, overall.

Carl V. said...

I, like lana, noticed mostly the warm colors, etc. It was only on a second look that I saw the whole mirror image concept of the cover. That is so great. When does this come out?

Anonymous said...

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