Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ilustration Master Class

Rebecca Guay is organizing a fantasy and science fiction illustration workshop in Amherst, Mass, and has asked me to be a lecturer. All of the instructors involved are interested in making this a highly focused and intense week of learning.

Attendees will benefit from a full schedule of classes in figure drawing from an illustration perspective, use of reference, drawing from the imagination, digital and traditional painting technique, live demos and industry q&a, as well as extensive individual one on one critique from 10am to midnight each day.

Illustration Master Class
June 16-22, 2008
Amherst College Campus
$1,700.00 - includes meals and housing.

Julei Bell
Dan Dos Santos
Scott Fischer
Irene Gallo
Donato Giancola
Rebecca Guay
Boris Vallejo


Tony Shasteen said...

Thanks for posting this Irene. It sounds like an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to grow as an artist. My check is in the mail.

Happy birthday!


Lana Gramlich said...

Ironically that's almost exactly how much it cost to get my transmission rebuilt (on top of the $1300 repair on my husband's car 2 weeks earlier.) Once all of that's covered we're going to work on our honeymoon, so I guess I won't be making this. <:(

Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing! Here I am trying to decide whether to continue with journalism as a major or step back into an old dream of illustration, and a week of illustration immersion might be the experience I need.

Is there a skill level. I know it says "master class", but figured I'd ask.

Irene Gallo said...

There is no skill level required to enter, as long is each student is willing to work hard throughout the week. The idea is to keep the class size down so that the experience can be somewhat geared toward each individual.

Thomas Nackid said...

I'll have to seriously consider this. My wife is pushing for me to do it. What an amazing list of instructors!I think anyone seriously considering a career in SF/fantasy illustration should beg, borrow or steal (ok, don't steal!) the money to do something like this. After all a career will last a long time!

ces said...

Congratulations Amherst on offering vegetarian options!

Amerst is indeed a beautiful college and town!

TM said...

Oh, MAN... all this talent in my little home town? I would so love to do this, but (a) I don't know if I'm a big enough fish for this pool and (b) I would have a hard time pulling together the money, but ARGH! There may never be another opportunity like this again around here.

I don't suppose there are any "cheap spectator seats" available? :/

Maybe I don't need a car?...

Mark Winters said...

i just signed up for this. There's so much to look forward to, especially what you have to share! See you there!

Rayford said...

I just signed up. See you there:) Thanks for helping to put this together!

Dorian said...

I'll be there!!
I can't wait to meet you Irene! Thank you for all the love, time & energy you put into what you do, you're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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