Friday, January 04, 2008

Hugo Recomendations

The folks at SF Awards Watch are asking for Best Professional Artist Hugo recommendations. Take a look at the list and add your favorites. There is also a list for art books that could be eligible for Best Related Book.

I would like to write a nice post about Donato Giancola's statement at last year's Hugos -- that he would not accept a nomination this year (if the community chose to bestow one on him) in an effort to stall momentum-voting and to help spread awareness of the breadth of artists that do, and have, given so much to the community but have gone unrecognized by the award's static history. If I wrote this post I would have commended him for taking such a step to place a spotlight on the problem...but I would also mention that I regret the award will not be chosen amongst the strongest possible playing field. A
las, I am sick as a dog and can't seem to string two sentences together at the moment.


Lana Gramlich said...

Although I admire what the gentleman said about the nomination, the reality of the situation (in pretty much ANY of the creative fields--writing, art, music, etc.,) is that creative "success" (in the traditional sense,) is completely controlled & dictated by those in charge of their respective fields (who typically have none of these talents, themselves.) Unfortunately actions speak louder than words. People may talk a good game, but at the end of the day, insert familiar creative person's name here is going to get the award.
Hope you feel better!

Lou Anders said...

I would have applauded Donato's statement had this been a juried award, but the Hugo is a fan-voted on award and I do not think it is up to the creator to tell the fan that they can or cannot prefer his or her work. And I agree with Irene that whoever takes home the Hugo should be allowed to have done so with the knowledge that they won against the strongest field possible and not by default. Meanwhile, when you look at the names that have begun to appear in this category in recent years, we see Martiniere, Palencar, and Picacio - all new names of the last two and three years, which seems to to suggest that the voters are doing more than just "talking a good game." I expect we'll see all three of these artists take home Hugos in the near future too. I know who my favorite artist is, and he sure as hell better not try to tell me I don't know my own mind.

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