Friday, June 20, 2008

Master Class Days 4 and 5

There was a point on Wednesday when I thought, "Wow, we're only half way through the week!" Just a few hours later I thought, "NO! We can't be almost done." We've been so steeped in this program, it's hard to imagine that it'll end. We're scheduled for 14 hours a day and yet, there is a full studio for hours after quitting time, including the instructors. Although I am "of an age" where it's getting harder to wake up in the morning after so many 2:00 in the morning nights in a row.

And in fact, it's 2:00 am right now and I'm sitting on the floor in Studio B. Occasionally it gets quiet and all you hear is a lot of squeaky plastic chairs as people lean back to reach their palette and then forward to paint, and then long moments of talking and laughing.

If there are reoccurring themes of the week they would be: Hard work makes all the difference, hard work makes all the difference, besides hard work, networking is and community building are super important, work smartly, and work hard.

Now, it's off to bed with me -- tomorrow is scheduled to be a 17 hour studio day.


Anonymous said...

I last saw Rebecca in her studio a couple of weeks before the opening of the workshop. She SAID she was frantic, but her cool, beautiful exterior belied that. Glad it is all going so well. Hope it isn't a gazillion degrees.

Wish I could peek over everybody's shoulders.

Jane Yolen

ces said...

Too bad you aren't enjoying yurself Irene!


Unknown said...

I am soooooooo looking forwards to seeing more close ups of the wroks produced from this ( if possible ).

It is an amazingly wonderful thing ya'll are puttin on here, and I hope to be apart of the next one!

Ya'll deserve a round! ......... drinks or applause .....whichever you prefer. If I were there I would buy one or give you the other.


Unknown said...

....I actually am apart from this one but want to be a part of the next........


Anonymous said...

ditto for tracy's last point.
one question...
is it required that everyone work traditionally or are some working digitally as well during the week?

Irene Gallo said...

Jane! I'm honored you stopped by my wee blog. You are so welcome to stop by and take a peak at what's going in. (Unless you;re in Scotland, in which case I'm very jealous.)

I know any event of this size takes loads of organization but everything is going so well, you'd _think_ Rebecca is breezing through it. She should be super proud of herself for all the good will she's engendered here.

Ces - yeah, it's a drag. I cannot wait to get back to marketing meeting. ;-)

Tracy - I don;t want to speak for Rebecca, but I bet she's thinking very seriously about Master Class 2009.

Mike - A bunch of guys did their sketches digitaly but are now painting the finals. They were using this class as a push to attack oils. There are a few people that are doing their finals digitaly. Either way, a lot f the principles of storytelling, composition, color, are applying across the board.

Anonymous said...

In cool (well sometimes even cold!) Scotland, Irene. So like everyone else here, am visiting virtually.
Thanks for keeping up up to date. And I would love to see more artwork, too!


Eric Braddock said...

I hope Rebecca goes full force for 2009, if so, I'm going to be there tearing it up along with all of you. This week has been driving me crazy knowing what's been going on up there in Mass! Thanks for keeping the updates going over the course of the workshop!

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