Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Art Out Loud 3: Donato Giancola and Todd Lockwood

A week ago Saturday we held the third Art Out Loud series of painting demos at the Society of Illustrators. This one featured Donato Giancola painting with oils and Todd Lockwood painting digitally. While many convention panels like to pit digital and traditional painting against each other, we wanted to show how similar they can be.

We had a sold-out crowd of students and artists, including Bruce Jensen and Tristan Elwell. Most came in from the tri-state area but others did come in from Boston, DC, Utah, and
Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai (recent Chesley award winners) get the prize for flying in from Hungary just to attend.

Donato painted a science fiction female portrait with a slight fantasy feel to the costuming. Todd recreated a Drizzt cover from the popular R. A. Salvatore series. Both artists came close to finishing the painting, which is remarkable in just four hours. (And not expected in a demo where they spend as much time talking as painting.) We projected the artists working so that it was easy watch both paintings develop at once. They both started with some simple reference and worked their images up from that. I, for one, always appreciate it when profesional artists share their reference. Too many students think they need to pull details out of thin air and that looking at an object is, somehow, cheating...Which is nonsense.

Both Todd and Donato seemed relaxed and said they enjoyed the experience. Donato brought in a bunch of drawings and a painting in progress (Tor's new David Drake novel - more on that soon) and let the audience go through everything while the demo was in progress. After the demo Todd publicly unveiled a new painting to a client that had attended. (It's an amazing poster for a tattoo company. Once the posters go on sale, I'll link to them.)

...All in all, a great time! I'd like to thank Todd and Donato for giving up their time to share their techniques with others. I'm sure they could have utilized that time for working or relaxing with family, instead they gave up their day to give back to the community. I'd also like to thank my tireless co-chair, Dan Dos Santos -- his optimism and my skepticism seems to be the recipe for a well balanced event. And, of course, thanks to Greg for helping out in everything that I volunteer for...without ever complaining.

Photos: The crowd. Todd Lockwood, Todd painting, painting with reference, Todd with Greg and Bruce Jensen looking on. Donato Giancola, Donato projected, painting with reference, nearly done, palette.

For many more photos, check out this thread on Conceptart.org -- scroll down on page three.

Next up,
November 11. Art Out Loud 4 with James Bennett, Gary Kelley, and Greg Manchess!


Bjorn said...

These sessions are just fantastic! Especially for students. You can observe the masters while they work. What kind of problems do they encounter and how do they fix them? Maybe sessions like these can be videotaped and made available for people who are not able to be at the IPA headquarters.

Irene Gallo said...

Thanks Bjorn.

A young man from Boston named Garett Campbell-Wilson has video taped them. He just got us a nicely put together version of Art Out Loud 2 with Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Adam Rex, Jon Foster, Dan Dos Santos, and Greg Manchess all painting in one room. The tape looks awesome! I'm having a meeting at the Society of Illustrators to see if we can have Garett edit the others together for us. Once we get them all together we'll work out a plan to make them available. We can't sell them, since that would be taking advantage of the artists that volunteered their time, but we may be able to make small clips available on the web and then let schools get copies of the full tape. I'm just not quite sure how to work it out yet.

MManzieri said...

I’ve just read about the duo Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai getting the prize for flying in from Hungary just to attend ART LOUD. As a Chesley Award winner living in Italy, I’ve often felt my conscience urging me to do something similar... it’s the case to say that everything emanating from this Blog is tremendously inspiring! 

Here in the Beautiful Country we have been enjoying a lot of gratifying experiences recently, but the pictures from your mystic week – the Retreat plus the Event in the weekend– let me imagine that out there you’ve created a little corner of paradise on the Earth.

Mediterranean Greetings!
Maurizio Manzieri

NAHRIN said...

That's good for schools, but what about those of us who have recently graduated. I think these videos should be accessible to everyone, especially those of us who couldn't afford to go to top art institutions, or to fly to New York for a truly awesome demo. Please, Please, Please, make it available for anyone to get! :D

Irene Gallo said...

Nahrin - We are trying our best. I hope to know for sure after the holidays.

The DVDs would be interesting....but it's important to note that they would not be made as instructional videos -- they would be more like a "fly on the wall" view of the event...Which is a long winded way to say, we only want to do them if A) teh artists are OK with it, and B) we can keep the price down. I hope to know more in a few months.

NAHRIN said...

You're Awesome Irene...THANX!

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