Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gift a Goat

I bought a goat after all!...Just not for myself.
Heifer International.


tlchang said...

That's a perfect solution to your goat craving. :-) (although harder to pet its forehead).

Tristan Elwell said...

I was going to tell you about this after I saw your goat post, but you beat me to it!

Unknown said...

I just hope nobody gets your goat!


Josh Jasper said...

Heifer International rocks. They're one of our favorite organizations to give to.

robert gerson said...

Congrats on the goat, they have such facinating eyes. But seriously when are we going to see photos of the real star: Jack the Cat! Didn't I read something here about Jack not too long ago?

I'm sure there are lots of artist cat lovers here, get your votes in for Jack the Cat!


Irene Gallo said...

Buying goats is addicting! I may need to make a habit of this.

Robert - Jack will make an apearnce soon...I;m building mysetry.

Anonymous said...

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