Monday, October 02, 2006


Todd Lockwood flew in late last night. We were supposed to spend today doing fun New York things, like visiting museums and such. Instead, we were held captive in Greg Manchess' apartment waiting for Delta to drop off Todd's lost luggage, including all of his painting supplies. What a pain. It was the only full day he had to explore the city. Instead, we hung out and watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...Which is a good day for me but not what Todd was expecting, I'm sure.

Todd has come into town a week before his painting demo at the Society to take advantage of a working retreat organized by my friend Dan Dos Santos. Dan found a B&B with a barn-turned-meeting space up in the Berkshires -- he talked them into a nice price and then invited a dozen artists to come on out. The group will include Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Scott Altman, Dave and Tony Palumbo, and a bunch of others. The idea is to get lots of work done while still having time for light hiking, reading, and Pictionary....Or at least that's the plan. In the end, I'll be just as happy to fall asleep in a hammock for much of the day.


Korsaktion said...

Way to show Todd a good time.

I shouldn't point fingers. I spent the day working and watching Battle Star Galactica. I'm all caught up!

Looking forward to seeing you in the Berkshires!

Anonymous said...

The retreat sounds amazing. I hope you will take some pictures to post! I won't be able to make AOL this time around, so I look forward to those pictures as well. Thanks to your blog I can vicariously take part in the all the events back east. Jealous!

bdfoster said...

Wow. That sounds like an amazing week. Hopefully there's lots of pictures to share!!!

Anonymous said...

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