Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spectrum 14 Call for Entries

I just got a copy of the Spectrum Call for Entries in the mail. A nifty Brom poster! If you are not on the mailing list, you can download the entry form here. Enter early and enter often! Last year I wrote an article about Spectrum for Realms of Fantasy. Here is an excerpt:

Why would an artist spend hard earned money just for the chance of being in Spectrum? While the desire to have your work seen by art directors and production designers is clear, most artists point first to the satisfaction of being thought of as a peer amongst their colleagues and heroes. For a young up-and-coming artist, it can go a long way to validate the decision to embark on such an unpredictable future. The newcomer Daniel Dos Santos explains that, "there is nothing more rewarding than to see your artwork displayed next to the people who inspired you to enter the field in the first place!" Established artist, too, are not immune to the rush of being included in the annual. Gregory Manchess stated, "I love seeing my work next to artists like John Berkey, artists that I grew up admiring, and next to the young hungry artist just making their way up in the field. It keeps me from being complacent, it keeps the whole field energized."
More practical and concrete concerns are, however, not far behind. It is advertising that money can't buy. Donato Giancola states, "My experience abounds with tales of referrals, licensing of commercial reproduction rights, new commissions, and original art purchases all stemming from my direct involvement with Spectrum. It has been one of the most instrumental aspects in the development of my reputation as a career artist." As a vetted publication, it is time effective, one-stop shopping for art directors, production designers, and fine art collectors world wide. A handy way to keep a year's worth of the field's best work at your fingertips. For a young artist, it can be the first time their work is being seen by thousands of potential clients, with the unspoken caption "best of the best." For the established artists it is always imperative to maintain visibility in the market place. With new art directors entering the field at all times, it is important for artists to make them aware that they are around and producing innovative work.
I'd like to thank Cathy and Arnie Fenner for graciously offering to let the paintings created for MicroVisons, a student scholarship fund raiser, free of the entry fee. Last April twelve artists dedicated their time and talent to create a miniature painting, just 5x7. The paintings were exhibited at the Society for a month and then auctioned on eBAy. They raised well over $5,000.00 for art students. Huge thanks to Julie Bell, Bob Eggleton, Boris Vallejo, Greg Manchess, Dan Dos Santos, Vincent Di Fate, Lars Grant-West, Stephan Martiniere, Jon Foster, Adam Rex, John Jude Palencar, and Scott Fischer for participating.

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