Thursday, October 05, 2006

Race Brook Lodge Retreat

Here we are, at the fantastic Race Brook Lodge. I'm glad to say some work is actually getting done...I'm even more glad to say that I am not doing any of it. It's been such a great few days. We've been hiking and eating and talking... the more focused among us have been working.

Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo are working on their next calendar, Scott Brundage got a job from The Wall Street Journal while we were out for lunch, Tiffany Prothero is working on a piece for a ConceptArt calendar, Tony and Dave Palumbo are working on paintings for a gallery exhibit in Philadelphia, Todd Lockwood is working on a poster image for a tattoo company, Dan Dos Santos is working on a number of things, including a cover for Tor, Scott Altmann and Arkady Rotyman are working on various projects, and Greg is working on some thumbnails for a new children's book.

Top to bottom: Greg in the barn. Painting in the barn. Julie and Todd. Dave. Everyone at the waterfall. Todd and Dan. Boris.


Kate Egan said...

Oh my god. Look at all of them at their canvases. I want to be there too D:!!!!! Looks amazing.

bdfoster said...


Great pics. I was really glad I was able to sneak up and join you all for an evening. Thanks for letting me sneak in on your little event...

(If there's a next time, I really need to pack my paints.)

Tiffany_Prothero said...

The best time I have had in a while. I was so inspired this week. All of you are so amazeing, talented. The nicest peeps I have met in a long time, maybe ever! haha! it gets me emotional. ;)
Now Irene you have to post the 'Last Supper' Photo ;).
Good Times guys and more to come, isn't life grand. :)


Unknown said...

we should be paid just for being so damn awesome. maybe then we'll be able to do the retreat year round.

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