Thursday, October 12, 2006

Eon Contest

A few people have emailed me the heads-up on the new CGSociety challenge. (Thank you, guys!. I very much appreciate the input.) CGSociety is running a contest to visualize Greg Bear's Eon. Greg Bear will be one of the judges.

Your challenge is to create material for the promotion of a (potential) blockbuster film based on EON, a novel by highly acclaimed writer Greg Bear. Expanded to three categories: Illustration, 3D Scene and Film Trailer, the challenge is to put great words into great pictures using 2D, 3D or video format.
Those of you with computer skillz, the deadline is January 15th. .

The contest website has a very comprehensive synopsis, setting descriptions with visual inspiration, forums to talk about the contest, and you can already see some of the entries.

I've never explored as much as I should...This just might be the project to dive in with.


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