Monday, July 02, 2007

Art Out Loud 5: Comics

On Saturday the Society hosted an all-comics edition of Art Out Loud. Klaus Janson, Mike Oeming, and Paolo Rivera did simultaneous demonstrations while Chris Allo, from Marvel, and Mark Chiarello, from DC, gave portfolio reviews to the attendees. A huge thanks to all five of them for giving up what was a spectacular Saturday afternoon to come indoors and help out some aspiring artists.

Klaus, Mike, and Paolo worked facing each other in a triangle. There was a lot of camaraderie between them and that set the mood for the audience -- lots of questions were being asked and followed up on in a very conversational manor. Each artist worked on a current job, giving fans a sneak peak at a page or two of upcoming issues. Klaus Janson was inking
World War Hulk. Mike Oeming very bravely showed up with a Powers manuscript and blank sheets of paper. He conceptualized, penciled, and inked a few pages right on the spot. Paolo Rivera was painting character studies and a few panels from Mythos: Fantastic Four. He also did a quick digital demo towards the end, showing how he does color studies.

Mark Chiarello and Chris Allo were real troopers with the portfolio reviews. Truth be told, I assumed they would be done in about 2 hours. Didn't happen. They took a lot of time going through each persons' portfolio and gave very careful critiques. Even when I was trying to gently remind them that time was running out, they stayed late rather then rush through anyone.

Many of the attendees made a point to let us know they appreciated the opportunity to have such in-depth exposure to the artists and comic publishing houses. So, once again, a huge thanks to all five guests for giving up so much of their time and being so open about their process.


First set:
Klaus Janson, MIDDLE: Mike Oeming, BOTTOM Paolo Rivera

Second set:
Chris Allo, BOTTOM: Mark Chiarello

Third set:
Models built by Paolo for character studies. Paolo digital demo, MIDDLE: Klaus and Mike, Paolo, Klaus, BOTTOM: The eating and the drinking afterwards. Big thanks to James Keegan ( here with Tiffany Prothero) and Arkady Roytman ( here with yours truly) for all their help over all five Art Out Loud events.


Arkady Roytman said...

it sure was a good time.

but now that it's over, when is the next one? :P

capprotti said...

That was so much fun! Great people, great art and loads of inspiration. Thanx again Irene!

Unknown said...

Hey, Irene! Art Out Loud is always great fun and being able to help out is really cool. I have some more photos up on my blog, if you like.

James Keegan said...

...and of course, I forget to actually connect my blog to my More pictures and my wacky commentary at: .

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