Monday, July 23, 2007

Three Recent Grads

I saw quiet a few of the art schools' senior exhibits this past spring. Here are three recent grads whose work I just loved.

Wesley Allsbrook: I met Wesley very briefly in Jon Foster's RISD class last year. This year she was up in the RISD senior show. I have no doubt we'll be seeing her work out in the world and winning awards very soon.

Brian Elig: Another of Jon Foster's RISD students. Brian had a giant double-sided hinged canvas in the hall....taking up the entire hall. Great work and a very impressive guy.

Wan-Yun Chen
I never met Wan-Yun but I saw these drawings in the SVA halls and came very near to stealing them. I so much want to see whatever story is behind this series of drawings bound up into a children's book.


Wesley Allsbrook said...

Aw... I'm blushing. Thanks Irene, you have the best taste.

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