Saturday, July 21, 2007

MicroVisions Raises $4,000.00

The MicroVisions auction ended a few hours ago. Eleven wee works of art raised $4,000.00 for the Society of Illustrators' Student Scholarship Fund. Individual works went from $100.00 - $700.00. I was lucky enough to walk off with one myself: Eric Fortune's exquisitely painted and very funny robot assassin. (Note: that's not a sword she's wielding...)

The SI Scholarships are among the industry's thoughest awards. Only about 100 students are chosen to be in the exhibit from over 5,000 entrees -- about half of them are given cash awards. Not only do these awards help subsidize students financially (and possibly allows them to dine on something other than ramen noodles for a time or two) but they also go a long way to boost the confidence of young artists by proving that their voice stands out amongst thousands of others. Many past winners have become the field's biggest names -- John Jude Palencar, James Jean, Tomer Hanuka and hundreds of others since the Scholarship's inception in 1981.

All of which is a very long winded way to say: Thanks to all the artists for giving up their time (a few of which had been past scholarship winners) and thanks to all those that bid. Even though you may not get to see it, next year some student will have a large grin on their face because of you.


Charles said...

Is there a way for individuals to contribute directly to the scholarship fund?

Irene Gallo said...

Of course, just contact the Society at:
T: 212.838.2560


Carl V. Anderson said...

So glad it raised a nice amount of money. And good for you, that robot one was my favorite!

Charles said...

Oh man, of course! I think I've been using the internet for far too long. I just assumed there would be a link somewhere. It didn't occur to me to just call or write directly *to* the Society. :P


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