Sunday, July 29, 2007

ComicCon Friday

Home now. I left San Diego on Saturday for my brother's wedding. (Congrats, Dave and Sara!) Now I am looking forward to a Sunday with nothing to do but nap, sleep, and rest.

A quick show and tell of my Friday.

Skeletal Cheerleaders -- who could resist. ComicCon crowds. Shelley Wan showing off her purchase of a Justin Sweet painting.

Donato Giancola doing a quick watercolor study at his booth.The (much too) late night drinking crowd. Dave Palumbo.

I had a really nice dinner with David Apatoff, author of my favorite blog, Illustration Art, and his wife, Nell Minow. They are as gracious as you would expect from reading Illustration Art. (Thanks again, guys, for a great evening.) Nell is a film critic for Yahoo, among other places. She's given the nod to Stardust, making me even more excited to see it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene,

I've been reading your blog for a while, and looked for you at Comic-Con on Saturday, to tell you in person how much I enjoy it. This explains why I couldn't find you. :) So I'll just say hi here.

By day, I'm an art director in an in-house design department at a university, and have been steadily working on my fine art skills in my free time. So, it's really cool to read your blog and get your perspective from both sides of the desk.

I especially enjoyed your post on portfolio reviews. Man, if I had a dollar for every prospective designer I've interviewed who argued with me, when I was looking at their book... sigh. That's a really good way to never get hired, because I can't help but think, 'If they're arguing with me, the person who might give them a job, how are they going to treat a client?' I've passed over people with great books and crappy attitudes, for people less-skilled, but who knew they didn't know everything, and were willing to learn.

Anyway, sorry I missed you, and thanks for all your great posts!

David Apatoff said...

Irene, as long as we are stepping out from behind the veil of the internet, I should thank you too for a very nice dinner at Comic-Con and assure your readers you are every bit as charming and thoughtful as your blog suggests. I think they should know, however that you now part your hair a little differently than in your picture.

Irene Gallo said...

David - Funny - at one point I tried to do a long-hair version but so many people have told me that they are charmed by the first drawing that I’ve not been confident in any sophomore efforts.

Val - Thanks for reading and chiming in. Sorry to have missed you in SD. Next year, I'll be there all week, for sure.

Unknown said...

Oh, do you have a higher res pic of the drinking crew? I'd love to add that one to my album :D

It was great to finally meet you at the Con, I wish we had a little more time to talk! I'll see you again I'm sure, be it at another Con or workshop :D

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