Thursday, July 26, 2007

ComicCon Wednesday: Booth Hopping

Wednesday's set up is always a bit frantic but things seem to move very smoothly today. Most everyone was a bit bleary eyed from taking early morning flights. (I'm so glad to have come in a few days early.) Still, it's amazing how the buzz in the room will kick in a second wind.

After helping a few friends set up their booth I was able to run around and say a few "hellos" before having to settle into the Tor booth. Pictured here:

Charles Vess showed me some stunning paintings for an upcoming picture book of Neil Gaiman's poem, "Blueberry Girl." The paintings are a bit of a stylistic shift for Charles - a bit softer and more ethereal, less line work and more interaction in the inks. They really are drop-dead gorgeous. (For more info and better pictures click here.) No less stunning are his new paintings for a new edition of Stardust. There are banners for the Stardust movie all over the city -- it must be an exciting time for Charles.

Spectrum has a a booth for the first time. Here are the editors, Arnie and Cathy Fenner, and Arlo Burnett, Spectrum's webmaster. They have some photos from the day up on their website.

Rebecca Guay at her booth. I did not intend to give her wings...but now that they are there, I kinda like them.