Friday, July 27, 2007

ComicCon Thursday: Booth Hopping

It was only Thursday and it felt as crowded as a Saturday. I'm bumming I'll miss hanging out with the artists over the weekend but I wont miss these crowds.


Jon Foster and Dan Dos Santos.

Justin Sweet had a great display, bringing in at least a half dozen large scale oil paintings and a portfolio full of his watercolors. He brought a Tor cover painting...It's great to come across these paintings well after the books are out. It gives me a chance to rediscover them as paintings rather than answers to a problem. Justin recently updated his website. Check it out if you enjoy bold painting.

Stephan Martiniere.

Dinning: Todd Lockwood, Arlo Burnett, Dan Dos Santos, Arnie Fenner, Cathy Fenner, Jon Foster, Me!, Greg Manchess. (Thanks again, Arnie and Cathy!)


Eric Fortune kindly brought in a painting he did for our upcoming Starscape edition of The Red Magician. He already sent me a scan but it was such a pleasure to see the original and see the details that reproduction and scaling down will loose.

Brom signing the Spectrum "Call for Entries" poster he did. The Fenners are asking all the artists in Spectrum 14 to sign it so they can donate it to the Comic Book Defense League auction.

Jon Foster created a fully oil-painted version of his digital cover for our Starscape edition of Orvis. Both of us felt that, while an excellent painting, the original version lost a little something between sketch and final. Now ,five years later, it was great to see him re-address the piece and make a tangible painting of it.


Pablo Defendini said...

That Fortune piece for The Red Magician looks dope. Can't wait to see it up close & personal.

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