Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bill Carman on

There's an interview with Bill Carman on

I have always enjoyed seeing Bill Carman's work in Spectrum throughout the years. His images suggest some kind of odd narrative but they are never spelled out. Instead, the viewer is left wonder what on earth is going on in there. About a year ago I had the true pleasure of seeing a few of his paintings and drawings in the flesh He had a number of them included in the Society of Illustrator's Annual exhibit, including a medal. I was surprised how tiny they were, often not much than 5x7. It forced the viewer to come up close and focus carefully, increasing the desire to fall right into the wonderfully weird worlds depicted.

"I rarely start with a specific story in mind unless one is given to me as an assignment. Rather a story develops as I work or is revealed when a piece is finished. The figures and images can come from stories, usually autobiographical, but take on a life of their own. Certain images repeat themselves because of my history."

Go check out the rest of what he has to say.


Lana Gramlich said...

These images are somewhat reminiscent of say...Dr. Seuss gone totally, horribly wrong.

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