Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons Episode 3

This week, on's Saturday Morning Cartoons: "Doll Face" and "One Self: Fish/Girl" - two very different takes on young women attempting to find their place.

"One Self" was created by Emily Hubley, daughter of Faith and John Hubey. The Hubleys are, in large part, responsible for my love of animation. The style of "One Self" will look familiar to anyone that saw the movie version of Hedwig -- Emily Hubley did the animation for "Origins of love" and the title sequences.

Earlier post on Faith and John Hubley here.


Unknown said...

I really liked the story in One Self. The animation in Doll face was jarring at first (seeing this real face on this machine), but It was done very well.

Peter said...

I agree with smv.

However, when I tried to get the high resolution version linked below, the link at Andrew's site did not work for any of his materials and there is no means availble to contact him electronically.

Too bad: this is a fine little feature.

Anonymous said...

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