Saturday, October 04, 2008

Love at first sight. Frank Godwin. Or, Why I love museums.

Art dealer Mitch Itkowitz, from Graphic Collectibles, was sweet to send me this Frank Godwin scan as a condolence. I saw the painting from across an isle or two at ComicCon and was immediately and inexplicably drawn to it. I see tons of great artwork and I'm happy to live with them briefly -- in a museum for a few minutes or in my office for a few weeks -- but there was something about this painting, which grabbed me from a distance too far to have appreciated it and didn't let go once I was directly in front of it, that made me deeply regret I would never see it again.

I wish I could express why.

Mitch warned me that a number of people were having the same reaction, it would likely be sold very quickly, but it was out of my price range. (Despite the fact that I work in publishing solely for it' s massive paychecks.) When I went back the next day, just to get another look, it was gone -- nothing but a hole in the fuax
convention walls. I'm sure whoever owns it now will enjoy it for a life time, and I hope that they decide to leave the painting to a museum some day where the public can appreciate it for decades to come.


Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

I can't stop looking at it either! Nice piece, SOmething very nice about it, the colors and composition. Has a stark contrast and it's painterly which also really works well!

ces said...

Yes, I too can't stop looking at it. To me, it's a wonderfully peaceful painting. Very relaxing. I can see why it sold quickly.

Rachel AKA said...

Thought I'd seen Godwin. This one's like a sweet drink of water. Unconventional (some might say backwards?) composition, startling color, sort of a Japanese print gone western. And it's like a "nature experience"- when something unexpected happens and proves that magic truly exists, & maybe you're the only one there to see it.

Shane White said...

Yeah...his ihnk brushwork is amazing as well. Totally feels like another artist.


Josh Jasper said...

For me, it's the sense of wonder. It's not expressly fantastic, but in a world of giant dragons, airships, sweeping space battles and huge battle scenes, very little is left ot the imagination. It's anti-lurid. But the color scheme is so evocative that it makes the painting seem like something out of one of the non-horrific scenes from HP Lovecraft's "Dream Quest Of The Unknown Kadath"

Paul Rivoche said...

Thanks for posting that, it sure is a beautiful image!

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