Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Race Brook Lodge, 2008

Vacation, the first part, was spent with great friends hanging around (and in some cases working in) the Race Brook Lodge barn. Great paintings, water falls, hiking, lots and lots of food, dangerously hot campfires, too little time in hammocks, one sucky morning of going back into the city for a near useless Sales meeting (made up for by the fact that I was on top Race Brook Falls mere hours later) more food, good times, and food.
Vacation, the second part: lovely dinner with friends in Amherst followed by just as lovely brekkies, Eric Carle Museum, pumpkins, stumbling into dino tracks, a return to Berkshire area for more food, more great scenery (including an Obama field), intentions of Storm King pleasantly thwarted by a traffic jam of a dozen carriages drawn by teams of horses, and one quick Aerodrome show in Rhinebeck.

I have to say, I hate leaving places like the Berkshires, but I never mind coming back to NY. Work, on the other hand...I could use a few more days away from.

I don't heart Flickr but occasionally I succumb.

Boris and Julie at the barn (including place mat art) here, here, here, and here.


ces said...

I looked at your photos yesterday on flickr. I love the very first photo of all the trees covered in their Fall Colour. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Now, back to work!

Ray Lederer said...

Magical! I'm living a bohemian artist life vicariously through these posts sitting at my cube in a game studio. Looks like a perfect time.


Boris and Julie said...

Your photos are beautiful, Irene!

Julie and Boris

Mark Winters said...

Wow that looked like an incredible time. Makes me miss the east coast. No pretty autumn colors here in the desert. :(

Irene + tree = gravitydefyingawesome!

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