Saturday, October 25, 2008

New York Nights

Last night I met up with Rick Berry at the Met. He mentioned he was bringing Brandon Kitkouski. The name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. When I got there, they also had Thom Tenery with them. I had just done an interview with Thom recently and, even more recently, he finished a book cover for us. It was real treat to meet both of them. After the Met, it was off to a wonderfully long and relaxed Brazilian dinner. It wasn't until I got home, with Google at my disposal, that realized I knew Brandon from, except I knew him as BKStudios.

I have to say, after living here for 20 years, I still love that I can be at work one moment, standing in front of a a Sargeant the next, and talking about where to take a Hawaiian a Texan, and a Bostonian out to eat the following moment.

Safe travels, boys! Rick, it's always a treasure to see you. Thom and Brandon, great to meet you...I hope we can repeat dinner in San Diego.

Crappy cell pictures, because the idea of recharging a battery seems to be beyond me:
Brandon Kitkouski, Thom Tenery, and Madame X.
At Dinner: Brandon, Thom, Rick Berry, and Greg Manchess.


Anonymous said...

John Singer Sargent has been among my favourite artists for some time now - I recently paid a visit to the National Gallery in Edinburgh where his beautiful portrait, Lady Agnew, resides. It stopped me in my tracks! Simply breathtaking.

THOMAS NACKID art + design said...

Its seems like Rick Berry brings a fun time with him everywhere he goes!

Lana Gramlich said...

Glad you had a good time. Somehow, whenever I manage to get to the New Orleans Museum of Art it's closed...

ces said...

So why are you getting yelled at by museum guards? (per your twitter comment)

BTW, I don't pay much attention to charging my iPhone either - either my hubby does it or it doesn't get done.

Jorge Mascarenhas said...

Brazilian food...i miss it!

Tom Scholes said...

so jealous! :O

bill said...

i was statnding right there in May. i stood there for a long time. i maybe cried but don't tell anyone. new york, disneyland for grown-ups.

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