Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spectrum 16 Call for Entries has begun.

The power of Twitter: I heard about this from @richardsolomon before anywhere else.

Spectrum has been teasing the Peter de Seve poster for a while and, like everything Peter does, it's a beaut. Spectrum 16 is now pen to accept entries. I enjoy a number of the various annuals but to my mind, this is he one I couldn't live without.

Spectrum 16 Call for Entries
Deadline: January 23rd.


ces said...

That is a wonderful cover! I laugh every time I see it.

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Yeah, saw the new S15. Very nice. It just gets thicker and thicker!! It's for sure the "ooo-ahh" annual to have. The rest of some annuals, I find..are largely misses than hits. And certainly not as pretty.

Books-the new BAT MANGA is out. Has lots of cool Bat toys from Japan from the 60's and, the '66-67
Japanese comics. A must have. Also, Iain McCaig's SHADOWLINE. Wow. Pricey book but worth it!

Tracy Flynn Art said...

I gotsta say.....great poster, and that they are on tha ball. I just got mine in the mail today.


Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks for the heads up again. Maybe this year I'll actually enter a few pieces.

Patri Balanovsky said...

men alive this is awesome!

I love the spectrum books. truly inspirational.

wish I could be a part of it.


TEEarts said...

I saw this artist on American Showcase all the time! Nice classic cartoon!

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