Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Collier

I realize this is a great big, "Duh", but, isn't John Collier just amazing. I was at the Richard Solomon site for other reasons and got completely hooked into going through John's paintings. I've always enjoyed his work, but this time, it wouldn't let me go. I wish I could see a full show of his work, I imagine I'd have a similar experience as I do when I see Andrew Wyeth's paintings. It's beautiful without being sentimental, otherworldly, and a deeply personal point of view. No matter what the scenes are, they always feel like interior mental spaces -- a memory of an event rather its a depiction.

(The website does not have direct links to the artists - click on artists and then scroll down to get to Collier.)


mordicai said...

Flash sites make the work computers ANGRY! Which is sad, since I'd very much like to oogle.

Irene Gallo said...

I am so, so, SO very with you.

ces said...

Wasn't this the artist representative whose office, and an original painting by John Jude Palencar, was destroyed by a falling crane?

I hope all are doing well.

Josh Jasper said...

What a nice use of colors and light. It's the sort of light you'd expect to see from a Maxfield Parish, but with very dark, earthy colors.

And it's funny :-)

Rachel AKA said...

my work computer angry too. ugh. anyone know Collier's own site url? I keep finding the late-Pre-Raphaelite - and I know he doesn't have a site.

ces- yes, I believe you are right @ the crane/office.

Anonymous said...

hello. just wanted to say i love reading this blog.

also, yes, it was richard solomon's office. a tragedy, really.

Irene Gallo said...

Sorry to chime in late. Too much travel, returning with a migraine, and some real life has made me a bit slow here.

I'm happy to say, I just visited the new Richard Solomon offices and they are happily at work in their new swanky place...and closer to me, so, really, how can they be anything but happy. The loss of the artwork was terrible but knowing the crew so well, I can't feel anything but relief whenever think of that accident.

Josh - you always make the most interesting comments and connections. You should run an art blog.

fuentism said...

Just read this post! John doesn't do too much illustration anymore. I think his brain just got too sophisticated for 2D - he works a lot in sculpture and now he's learning stained glass from a centuries-old company in Munich. Such an interesting (and genuinely sweet) guy.

Hey thanks for saying you're glad we're alive :)

Now off to work on that site...

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