Monday, August 04, 2008

Wesley Allsbrook and Shaun Tan: Great art and a free comic!

Ok, so I had hoped to only do this once a week but these two are just too good to let sit. just launched it's first free comic, The Leviathan. It's written and drawn by Wesley Allsbrook. Long term readers may remember that she gave one of the most articulate interviews on The Art Department. She is awesome. Go enjoy the story.
And, an interview with Mr. Shaun Tan, who is one of my personal favorites, and is also awesome, and so you should also go and enjoy.


Julien alday said...

Thanks for bring that to my attention, Irene. This comic was a blast to read, and I love Shaun's art. This post made my morning. ^^

I have a question for you. Were you involved in a way or another as an art director on that comic ? If yes, how this experience on comic is different from book cover ? Just curious.

Do you guys at Tor plane to do more web comics like that ? I really hope read more jewell like ms. Wesley Allsbrook's one !

Have a nice day/bonne journée ! ^^

Carl V. said...

Shaun Tan! Yes! Thanks for the interview link/reminder, can't wait to read it. His work is so amazing. I remember showing The Red Tree to all the therapists who worked for me back when it came out and they were all as moved by it as I was.

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