Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tobias Buckell and Todd Lockwood Talk Cover Art

Suvudu has a series of videos of Toby Buckell and Todd Lockwood talking about their work. Here is this first segment. Check out the Suvudu post to see the others.


Eric Braddock said...

So good, the first cover is one of my favorites of Lockwood's work. Digital or traditional, he's hands down one of the best. I had no idea he was more of a sci-fi buff than fantasy... interesting.

THOMAS NACKID art + design said...

At the last Boskone Tobias was kind enough to compliment me on one of my paintings ("Terraformed Asteroid") that he found to be an intriguing concept. So you know he has good taste in art--I'm kidding! ;)

He is fun to talk with and has lots of interesting stories--growing up in the Caribbean, moving to Ohio (talk about culture shock). He, along with many others, helped make Boskone 2007 very enjoyable.

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