Monday, September 29, 2008

Book Art

I'm sure everyone here is already seen this via Drawn, but it's just too good not to mention:

Go to
Dark Roasted Blend to see an amazing collection of sculpture made from books. Some may be horrified at the idea of "defacing" books but I am firmly in the camp that says books are to be used.

On a similar not -- past post on my favorite photographer, Thomas Allen.


Eric Braddock said...

a lot of those are amazing. i personally enjoyed the invisible book shelves :)

ces said...

What a waste of books!

Julien alday said...

Amazing ! ^^
I second what you said about books needs to be used. ;)
Thanks for bring me this to my attention, Irene !

Thomas Nackid said...

I have to confess that my first reaction is akin to seeing a fur coat--beautiful, but at what cost? Then again how many beautiful rock outcroppings around the Italian countryside were turned into holes in the ground so that people like Michelangelo could give us statues like David? My head tells me that in all likelihood the information contained in the book lives on in later editions or on the "library computer" we call the internet, or it may well be just a bit of ephemera like a book of 1910 tax codes, but my gut still twists a bit when I see it. Its not a rational response, but I guess one of the purposes of art is to get us to explore these kind of emotional knee jerks. Thanks for sharing!

Lana Gramlich said...

As a librarian, I am clutching my chest in horror. *LOL* As an artist, I'm thinking that's kind of cool. There are a lot of old newspapers in the world that could be used for similar purposes, too (& so much better than sending them to the landfills.)

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