Friday, September 19, 2008

Thomas Tenery Interview on

When I gave our moderator the heads-up that a Thom Tenery post was ready to go, she wrote back to say how stunning his work is. She's right. Thom's work is stunning. Thick with atmosphere, rich color in low values that remind me of watching undersea documentaries. (Sad, but true, I love undersea documentaries.) Everything in Thom's images seems to be alive and growing, even the ships and hardware.

Thomas Tenery Interview


Favorite painting you did in the past year?
I really enjoyed doing "The Ark," [top image] an establishing shot for Alien Race. In an inspired moment, I spontaneously kitbashed a couple of color sketches that I had done about a year and a half earlier, sketches that I liked but that had never really gone anywhere, and then added the elements necessary for the storytelling aspect of the scene depicting a huge space vessel in port delivering cargo and race animals to the alien planet. It came together very quickly and managed to hit the stylistic sweet spot that I often try to achieve somewhere between loose concept art and a more finished illustration.
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ces said...

Those are beautiful & stunning images indeed. I like them both equally well! The colours for each are perfect.

Lana Gramlich said...

Oh wow...I'm definitely going to have to check more of his stuff out. How awesome!

-J.Meyer said...

The atmosphere is stunning. Love the blue haze effect and the organic feel.

Anonymous said...

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