Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Matthew Kalamidas, Art Director for the Science Fiction Book Club

Over on Tor.com:

An Interview with Science Fiction Book Club art director, Matthew Kalamidas.

A sample:

What are the exciting and/or scary aspects about working with an artists you never worked with before?
There’s always the concern that we stay on schedule, the work meets everyone’s expectations and that the entire experience is a good one. It’s always a thrill to make a new connection with an artist and to talk through a project and develop what we all feel is a great result. I prefer a very fluent relationship where I can go back and forth with the artist and bounce ideas off of each other (as time permits).

Full interview on Tor.com.

(What I didn't ask, and really should have, was how did he get that super awesome Donato "Wizards" painting. Hmmm....follow-up time. Stay tuned.)


Rayford said...

Great interview. Thanks for the heads up Irene:)

Tim said...

Thanks so much for the interview. I always love hearing about projects from an art director's perspective- whether they talk about what they look for, how they come upon artists, or how to best have everyone end up satisfied and proud in the end. It seems almost maddening to have the entirety of the illustration community to choose from when it comes down to a new job. Thankfully, I'd imagine his fine art background must help in being able to continually find new, talented, and dependable artists by pouring through page after page of websites and blogs.

ces said...

I love the fact that he commented about artists keeping their websites up-to-date - a comment I made here weeks ago when you were complaining about hating flash web sites.

Good interview!

Lana Gramlich said...

Enjoying the interviews! Thanks for taking the time. :)

Anonymous said...

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