Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'll be at LunaCon, up in Rye NY, this weekend -- hanging out with a bunch of artists. I'll be at the panels listed below...or at the bar.

(Oy! Typing this in, I'm only just realizing that I am moderating the Business of Writing panel.)


The Art Department: An Interview with Irene Gallo
Donato's revenge on the SI lecture I made him do.

Participants: Irene Gallo, Donato Giancola[M],

1:00 PM

Art in the Information Age

How the digital age is changing the field.

Participants: Irene Gallo, Donato Giancola, Karl Kofoed, Dave Seeley, Diane Weinstein,

4:00 PM


Business of Writing

What happens when you sell your book to a publisher?

Participants: Patricia Bray, Jeanne Cavelos, Sean P. Fodera, Irene Gallo[M], Patrick Thomas,
10:00 AM

Virtual Studios

Online art communities.
12:00 PM


Unknown said...

Irene, are you heading up there Friday after work like last year?
Can I tag along with you guys? I'm only going to go up Friday for the art show, but it would be good to have company for the ride up.

Irene Gallo said...

I will be leaving after work. (Didn't we try this last year and screw it up?) I'll look up a schedule tomorrow and get in touch. I know there are express trains there - I'm hoping to take something like a 6:00ish train.

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Irene-did you feel better from the flu which you seemed to be coming down with at the con?? It was a "bug con"-lots of people had colds, the flu, and one party room of people came down sick with some stomach bug. Needless to say we washed our hands alot and took Airborne!!

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