Sunday, March 09, 2008

National Museum of Natural History

I adore New York's American Museum of Natural History, but the curse of that is always being slightly disappointed when I go to any other city's natural history museum. Not so in DC. I had to be dragged out of there. Not only was it crammed with well sculpted animals and displays, but it also had the same odd mix of current science with a wonderful 1950s aesthetic to what makes something look scientific and forward thinking -- which basically means lots of hexagons and "cell" shapes in muted tertiary colors, with signage that was clearly hand cut and applied.

I'm inexplicably fasicinated by mounted (wrongly called "stuffed") animal displays. The AMNH cannot be beat on this, but in DC there was a lot of emphasis given to the movement of the animals. The only thing it was laking was some breathing-room between displays.


Anonymous said...

As a 15 year resident of the area I'm glad you enjoyed the NMNH and other sites! I really have grown to love this area for it's museums, art and other. Most are in easy walking distance of each other and FREE! We could always use another museum though, like a museum of science fiction & fantasy would be nice.The Air and Space Museum is close I guess

Irene Gallo said...

Brian - you're lucky! Havng so much accessible for free was fantastic. I'm sure I saw a lot more that way. There were a few times thought I'd just pop-in, since it was free, and leave quickly...but once in I always got hooked.

I really need to get back and spend more time.

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