Sunday, March 30, 2008


I have spent today, all of today, going over files from 100+ gallery artists. The galleries will display a small portfolio of each artist, their bio, and links to their websites and art books. While it’s fun to be absorbed in images all day, there is something about laptops that make me forget to blink, and, boy, does my wrist hate track pads. Time to quit working and laze about watching hours of Battlestar.

So, how many artists shown here do you think you can name?


ces said...

2 - maybe.

When will the info be available?

mike said...

was there a place for artists who signed up (like me :) ) to upload/submit images, or are these all from artists you've already worked with?

Tyler Davis said...

That is a good challenge, I think I see Bob Eagleton, maybe Syd Meade, The Red Nose Studio, Greg Manchess, John Jude Palencar, perhaps Jon Foster, David Ho (IM the Supervisor), Omar Rayyan, Christian Alzmann, Thomas Kuebler, and the one with the girl on the black horse and the red background; I can't remember who that is but it's one of my favorites that are shown. I always for get the ones I like the most.

Carl V. said...

So many delicious offerings! I can't wait until the Tor website is all up an running full speed ahead. I recognize several, many have been past Friday Favorites on my site and others are artists whose work I have admired thanks to Spectrum.

colin said...

From left to right, top to bottom:

Top row:
1. I don't know, but I'd like to see more!
2. Hmm, don't know. Maybe Dan Dos Santos?
3. I know this one... grr. Ah, Nic Klein.
4. No.
5. Donato Giancola.
6. Nope.
7. John Harris?

Second row:
8. No.
9. Seen it somewhere... but no.
10. Sam Weber
11. Nope.
12. No.
13. No. I swear I've seen it somewhere though.
14. No.

I'll stop now. Very tiring! And it brings home how many great artists there are out there that I know nothing about. I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery.

Irene Gallo said...

To be fair, I don’t think I could have named a lot of these guys from the details shown here, without having just spent hours going through them.

(Illustrating why details instead of full thumbnails (even if tiny thumbnails) are a pain in the ass when looking at websites...But that’s besides the point.)

I was just being lazy, and tired, when I made the post. I’ll put credits up tomorrow night.

uglymuffin said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, you have a great blog. It's fun to geuss who's who anyways. Keep up the great work!

Randall Ensley said...

Love the Dave Seeley "Skywalker" and all of his Star Wars covers.

colin said...

I meant tiring in a good way! It was fun!

(I'd love to see the credits, though.)

Eric Orchard said...

Wow! Looking at all this amazing art is really overwhelming! Like the Uffizi gallery.

Arkady Roytman said...

so when are these going live on the web?

Irene Gallo said...

Mike: Unfortunately, the galleries will be a static section of the site. However, every member will have their own profile to use as they see fit. The extent to which people use them to display and talk about art is up to the public. I'd love to get as many artists involved as possible...although the site is geared toward more generalist fans. We are full prepared to let the viewership shape the site to their own interests.

Arkday - Late May...ish. If you want to be a Beta tester email:

mike said...

thanks for the info irene. :)

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