Friday, March 21, 2008

Richard Solomon Group Blog

Richard Solomon Representative Blog.

Richard Solomon, artist rep for Gary Kelley, Mark Summers, Chris Payne, Greg Manchess, Jim Bennet, and many other illustrators considered the best in the business, has started a blog. Sadly, their first entry is about the NYC crane collapse that destroyed their offices.

There was a tremendous amount of artwork lost in the accident, much more tragically, a number of lives were lost. The only saving grace is that it occurred on Saturday, when very few people were in the building. I’ve known Richard and his group for years...had this happened 24 hours earlier, I shudder to think of the loss it would have been.


ces said...

That is heartbreaking.

My condolences to Richard Solomon, to all of his employees, & to the families that lost loved ones.

And my condolences to all those families who lost loved ones in the accident.

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